When seeing work in a gallery, immediately, I start to think of how they relate to one another and what the links could be. I often make work in isolation of each other, which I then find interesting displaying together. For me, I like to see an audiences response to my work - the connections they make and how they can relate to it in their own lives.


When smaller paintings are placed alongside larger ones, conversations begin to emerge. I think that often large scale paintings can dominate and become the focal point of the room. However when I viewed Luc Tuymans' exhibition ('La Pelle') in Venice last year, I found myself drawn to the small scale paintings that were exhibited on the walls. They make you want to get closer to the work, so you therefore become more involved with what you are seeing. When taking a step back, to view them collectively with the rest of the works in the room, I almost feel like you gain a different perspective again.

Colours begin to be brought out of one another and narratives begin to be formed. I think it is then that the work enters a new realm of the uncanny and surreal.