- derived from the Italian term 'pentirsi' meaning to repent or change your mind

- a change made during the process of painting which are usually hidden beneath a subsequent layer of paint

- in some cases the changes become visible because the paint layer above is more translucent or has become transparent with time


Antonia Showering is a contemporary artist working with layers to gather memories onto the surface of her paintings. Her technique is one of morphing recollections of past experiences and memories she believes to be true, using pentimento to realise this.

With photography acting as a vehicle into the past, false memories can be created around an image. The fragility and ephemeral nature of a memory allows for the painting to hold onto recollections before they slip away; in the process, some parts are exaggerated and some are forgotten.

I believe that the emotional charge of a painting can be heightened by stacking several memories on top of one another, then pulling back elements from previous layers to the final surface. The painting feels complete when a balance between the layers is felt and therefore feels satisfied both visually and emotionally.